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'The Joshua Trio' was a band parodying U2 that myself, Arthur Mathews and my brother Kieran put together back in 1988 while myself and Arthur worked in the art department of Hotpress magazine.


Going under the name of Paul Wonderful, I announced how I'd been visited in a dream by Bono who asked me to bring his message to a wider audience. We went about this task with great zeal performing their styles in various styles from jazz to country. We also adopted other songs to pay tribute to our heroes like the Dana Eurovision classic 'All Kinds Of Everything Reminds Me of U2' and 'The Edge Has Got His Hat On And He's Coming Out To Play'.


We played all over Ireland in venues such as the Baggot Inn, The Olympia and McGonagles. A madness took hold of us, culminating in me arriving on stage in The Baggot Inn on a donkey.


The Trio eventually made a splash in the UK - appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show and Rapido as well as doing four extensive tours.


We never officially broke up but there came a point where the nocturnal visits from his lord and master ceased. 


More recently myself and Arthur wrote a musical called 'The Joshua Trio Story - a musical around U2' which tells the parallel stories of both the Trio and U2.

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